Have you ever looked out onto the lake, river, or ocean and saw something and you just wished you could be closer to get a great shot? We realize that taking and setting up whole boat can be both time and space consuming, which is why we are happy to introduce to you the CataMarine™ a unique remote control boat system. Perfect for lakes and oceans the CataMarine™ is specially designed for open water. Floating at 60cm this catamaran is capable of carrying 5kg and can operate as far as 300 meters.


The CataMarine is built for all weather conditions, the added support means that the boat won't roll in waves or if a bird decides to come aboard. The front of the  CataMarine™comes with a movable mount so you can adjust your under water housing depending on the species you want to capture. Since this is a remote control camera system, operating on terrain unsuitable for humans we strongly recommend using a safety harness when ever operating.



Capturing New Angles
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