After years of creation, we ask you to join us on a journey of a lifetime. To see the invisible in our CoverNews, browse through a variety of products and even find out how Covered By™ was first created. Discover any new products, discounts and more on the CoverNews.


Covered By™ works in cooperation with some of the worlds best nature photographers and their Images, stories and behind the scenes footage of the

Covered By™ products from around the world will be updated in the CoverNews. Here you will also be able to find product reviews from our customers, special offers, rumors about new products and more.


Feel free to join the Covered By™ community on any of our social media sites. Such sites help you get a real look at what goes on in the heart of Covered By™, check out and like our facebook page, view some of our featured videos on youtube, and follow us on twitter.


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