The majority of our Covered By™ products get shipped in large boxes, hence why the cost for shipping is higher than usual. You will find the cost of shipping to your location while purchasing your order.


For any shipping information such as combined shipping and cost inquiries please click HERE


Below you will find more information about individual product shipping:

- HiDeep™ hides are shipped in two separate packages, one contains the actual  boat while the desk, hide fabric and poles are found in a smaller flat box to minimize the weight. Because all products are custom handmade please allow 4 weeks for shipping


-TreePods™ and GroundPods™ are shipped in small lightweight packages to decrease the cost.  All products are made to order so please allow  3 weeks for shipping


-All other products including CataMarine™ and CraWild™ are made to order with certain parts that need to be hand crafted, please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.


We look forward to doing business with you,

The Covered By team


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